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Magic Time

January 21, 2020

I spent time in Montana as I was beginning to build Unbreakable and it, therefore, holds an indescribable place in my heart. I have the clearest memories of the wonder it brought, merely being present and full of love. Unbeknownst to me, in Montana, I was beginning my practice in the art of allowing, trusting, being vulnerable with the universe and myself. I was playful, and that allowed me to connect with my most creative essence.

It was in the practice of complete presence that I allowed the Divine plan to unfold for me rather than attempt to control the outcome. Embracing the present moment was a new way of life and thinking for me. I stopped doing conference calls about things that would happen years from those days and just let myself be. I truly believed that I was right where I needed to be. I did not worry about yesterday or tomorrow; I was allowing love to flow through me with no agenda, no plans, no expectations, no worries. It was quite simply, magic time.

Once I let go of the past and the future, everything I needed was arriving day after day most beautifully. I began to have clarity. I began pages of my book that, upon reflection, were the quintessential study in a journey of becoming conscious of my soul.

I've searched my soul for how to bring that magic time into my everyday life so that I can experience those feelings more regularly. And, it turns out, magic time is not about anything physical that happens; the people, the mountains, the perfect jukebox songs I realize now, were manifestations of my desire to trust the Divine plan.

Today, I sit here quietly, aware, and trusting of Divine love. I know now, with every fiber of my being, magic time is not people and place dependent. Magic time doesn't just arrive in the mountains via a late-night playlist, writing sunset verses and sunrise affirmations with friends... Magic time tries to find me every day; every moment I allow myself to trust, the magic arrives, and wonder and love fill my soul.

May you allow yourself to find magic time today. xx

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