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Beginning Evermore

January 05, 2020

It's the first Sunday of 2020, and I'm writing at the local coffee shop with the sunrise as my companion over the pacific ocean. I am about 48 hours away from releasing Unbreakable into the world and reflecting on how I am beginning again.

A break-up invites us to begin again and again and again... As we start a new life after a relationship ends, we have no choice but to take a leap of faith with the hope of landing on steady ground.

A few years ago, at the height of my divorce, I had a kernel of an idea to start Unbreakable. The second I shared my desire for this company out loud, one by one, people began showing up in my life to encourage me to make my idea a reality. Many souls I met along my path were extraordinary unlikely meetings that have changed my life and contributed most beautifully to the company that is now before you.

I know they say the joy is in the journey, and I am feeling that deeply this morning. The voyage, to this week, has been a gift - there is no other way to say it. And now, it's time to turn the page and begin the next part of this story with you.  While we are together, let us support each other, trust the Divine timing of our lives, and love ourselves unconditionally, evermore. Grateful, you are here. Promise. xx

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