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My Morning Practice

March 04, 2020

A morning practice supports living an intentional and purposeful life. In the last years of my marriage, I was working nonstop and spent more time on airplanes than I did around my kitchen table. Due to the pressures of both work and home, I needed an outlet that would bring me peace, and I started running.

The more dissonance there was in my marriage, the more I ran. I could leave the house at 5 am and, for hours, hear my feet against the coastal California trail and feel my breath thrusting swiftly through my body. I was free.

These early mornings alone, racing against the sunrise, provided the heartfelt solitude to recognize that I was living life unplanned. The grown-up experience I imagined as a child had fallen by the wayside, and each decision to become more adult (private school for the kids, owning a home, another promotion) produced another bar on the prison cell of my life. But running, I was free, and life was simple, if but for a few hours.

Whether you are approaching the end of your marriage, in the middle of your divorce, or getting settled on your own in your new home, ask yourself if you are deliberate with how you spend your time and set your intentions for the day.

While I no longer run at the crack of dawn, I do enjoy watching the sunrise, meditating, journaling, and setting an intention for the day. These practices take care of my heart in a different way; it's cardio for my soul and equally important. I am conscious of each decision I make throughout the day, knowing how difficult it is to plan a prison break, so I'm focused on never letting the bars go up again.

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