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Music as a Guide

January 13, 2020

As I was driving down PCH, my last corporate job in the rearview mirror, and a car full of memories from an office I would not miss, James Taylor came on the radio. At that moment, I knew I had to go to Montana. It made so much sense to me; I didn't question why or what I only knew that I was meant to go -- a perfectly placed Divine moment.

Why Montana? Everyone asks. I am not from there, nor do I have any family there. Well - Montana because James Taylor wrote a song about how he found the time there, in his hands, pure presence. That is what I was searching for, how to be present.

It's not unheard of that I would allow James Taylor's music to guide my life, he has been with me since I was born: the soundtrack of my falling in and out love, my coming of age, and now, he was leading me to Montana. And, turns out, the big sky did not disappoint; it inspired, it is where Unbreakable truly started, with James guiding me the entire way.

These messages present themselves in our lives daily. I realize the incredible timing that I was able to act upon a ping from the world and pick up and go somewhere else for a few weeks. It was only because I had lost everything that I was able to be so footloose and fancy-free. I didn't have to go. I could have stayed and mourned and worried and... However, it's in these trusting moments where we grow, and become and land right where we are meant to be. 


"Montana" - James Taylor

I'm not smart enough for this life I've been livin',
A little bit slow for the pace of the dream.
It's not I'm ungrateful for all I've been given;
But nevertheless, just the same...

I wish to my soul, I was back in Montana,
High on my mountain and deep in the snow.
Up in my cabin, over the valley,
Under the blankets with you.

Over the ocean from here.
Over the mountains from there.

Who can imagine the scale of the forces
That pushed this old mountain range up in the sky?
Tectonic creation, erosion, mutation;
Somethin' to pleasure God's eye.

The world is a wonder of lightnin' and thunder,
And green of the ground as we fall from the sky.
The old and new faces, the tribes and the races...
Thousands of places to try.

Over the ocean from here.
Over the mountains from there.

One sits and waits while the other one wanders,
And squanders his time with a life on the road.
Down from the mountain, across the wide ocean,
The world is in motion and cannot be slowed.

Enough for today... the demands of the moment,
The thing on my mind is the work in my hand.
Wood for the woodstove and water for coffee,
Somethin' I can still understand.

We got a few friends but not many neighbors,
The trip into town takes us most of the day.
And after, "Hello", and "it's sure good to see you",
It seems like there's nothin' to say.

Over the ocean from here.

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