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Practice Consistency

March 09, 2020

One of my dearest friends is a facetime expert - always choosing to see the person he is talking to rather than hiding behind a text or a phone call where inevitably one of us is multi-tasking. I'm not sure we have ever had a conversation that didn't involve looking at each other in the eye, vulnerable, honest, supportive, real.

Our morning facetime today evolved into a discussion on how to be deliberate when we reach and love most genuinely. And then he said it: "Consistency. You want consistency."

That seems simple enough, right? Consistency. We want to know that if we let the iron curtain down that, they will be there, constant. But do we offer ourselves that same consistent love? Do we forgive ourselves for mistakes along the way? When we hurt, do we have the courage to open our hearts more and find love within us? Do we forgive our ex-partners?

It's a practice to connect with your heart through meditation and journaling, walking in nature, and giving yourself space to explore your thoughts. If we aren't nurturing ourselves and being honest and real consistently with our path in this life, how can we expect others to do the same?

Show up for yourself first, consistently. Be honest about what you need and who you want to be; no one can love you into loving yourself. But, once you start looking inward and using the tools the universe has given you with nature, breath, the sound of your footsteps on a walk to clear your head & heart, you will find a glorious orchestra waiting to play the opening credits to a consistent love of self. Promise. xx 

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