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Writing Into Alignment Post Break-Up

January 29, 2020

Writing is healing. When we allow ourselves the space to put thoughts onto paper, we open up to pure self-awareness and create an opportunity to make connections with Divine guidance, that we may have otherwise missed.

Some of my most significant breakthroughs began with thoughts that became words, and I dared to write down - they weren't all clear at the start, but the practice of writing daily allowed me to create a navigation system for my soul. I learned over the past several years that writing allows me to be my own alchemist by focusing on my intentional desires, and that feels good.

Being aware of your own intentional desires is akin to hanging a piñata in your heart. Piece by piece, you fill a make-believe paper mache composition with colors that accommodates hope for a joyful future.

I press my heart to make sure what's in my piñata is intentional because if I have learned one thing in this life, it's that what we think about happens. Inch by inch, we either become who we desire to be or who we are afraid we might become. They carry equal energy unless we purposely reach for the good and people that make us feel better, not worse.

Sure, it's hard to reach for good, for love, we might get hurt. However, when we truly take the time to consider love and how we respect our personal hearts, there comes a moment where a sobering revelation occurs. We realize that our worst enemy may indeed be ourselves.

Why does it hurt when someone doesn't love us back? Well, because we don't love ourselves. It may be harsh, but Socrates had it right all those years ago: the unexamined life is not worth living. That isn't to suggest that you shut down because you are afraid to crawl into the corners of your heart, but that you begin to accept and open up to the beautiful truth that every inch of you is love, literally every inch.

The piñata is yours to fill; no one else has the construction paper to your soul. So, be honest, what is it that you desire? There is no "oh that's too wild" because every desire deserves a chance at living this life with you, anything you think is out of reach is merely conditioning from our physical experience that is playing tricks with your mind.

Your heart knows the way. You picked this life, this body, this family, this time in history... It's time to play and daydream and love, truly, genuinely, and begin with yourself. Only then will you truly live and appreciate every desired confetti falling from your piñata. And without warning, you will have become your own alchemist. Promise. xx

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