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Meet the Contributors

Unbreakable is handcrafted by writers, musicians, healers, artists, producers, and creators from around the world, for you, with love.

Bonnie Lenore

Founder, Unbreakable

Bonnie Lenore is the founder of Unbreakable and a writer/producer of documentaries, music, and short-form narratives. Throughout her life, Bonnie has been dedicated to telling stories that connect with the human condition; whether that was writing skits in her childhood home or producing Emmy Award-Winning documentaries, Bonnie continually focuses on the perseverance and love that lies within us.

Over the past several years, Bonnie’s dedication to her spiritual practice has expanded, resulting in alignment with the angelic realm while allowing her to be in service to helping others heal from heartbreak. Bonnie is a mother to three children, one dog and truly does love long walks on the beach.  

Stephen Macartney

Author, Morning After Affirmations

Stephen Macartney is a storyteller, songwriter, traveler, and poet. As the youngest of seven children, Stephen fell in love with words at an early age in his hometown of Bangor, Northern Ireland. Discovering the guitar at ten years old, his words grew to become songs that exemplify the universal themes of being human through love, heartbreak, loss, and ultimately hope.

Now, a professional musician known as King Cedar, Stephen splits time between Ireland and Los Angeles playing music, recording, and writing. Morning After Affirmations is his first book, which highlights the continuing journey of getting to know and love oneself.

Therese Sanderson

Angelic Healer, Intention Card

Therese has been devoted to being in service to others through the direction and guidance of the Creator and the Angelic realm. Her life’s passion for practicing, healing, and living a spiritual life combined with the experiences of her own angelic messages and visions has allowed her to bring forward a body of healing work. 

Her ability to channel the energy of the angels, saints, combined with an understanding of psychology, allows people to shift and change at the core of their being. She also spends her time teaching and consulting others who want to learn more about spirituality in a new and changing world. The healing work has been recognized throughout the United States and Europe.

Leo Z

Composer and Musician, Meditations

Born Leonardo De Bernardini, Leo Z is a music composer, multi-platinum songwriter-producer, arranger, programmer and pianist, located in Los Angeles. His visionary music creations and services made him desirable over the past 20 years thanks to his ability to merge depth, spirituality, and modernity under the same hat no matter if he scores for films, produces artists, or develops his own piano albums.

As a music producer and arranger, Leo collaborated with Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Elisa, Nathan Pacheco, Katherine Jenkins, and David Archuleta, to name a few.

Valerie Mya

Energy Healer, Meditations

Valerie loves to show people the connection between their energetic bodies and the energetic planet we live on. Upon healing her own life-long depression, she has seen first-hand the magic of the universe. It became undeniably clear Valerie’s path was about waking others up to their soul potential and teaching people the manual for living. She understands how to mix the soul’s experience with the human experience and to live without the question marks of everyday life.

Valerie combines both intuitive readings and energetic healings to make the most significant shifts in people’s lives in private sessions, classes, or events. 

Cody Bond

Designer, Collage Kit

Cody Bond is the founder and designer at cai & jo, a paper goods brand based in Cardiff, UK. She started the brand during University in 2015 and has been growing it ever since, expanding the product line to include postcards, greetings cards, collage kits and more. When she’s not at work, Cody likes to spend her time drawing new designs, packaging up orders, and practicing yoga.

Cristina Larsen

Designer, Unbreakable

Cristina’s experience covers a broad range of print and web design in industries spanning from health + wellness to non-profit, book design and packaging. Well versed with all facets of print, from concept to completion, her work ranges from identity/logo development, branding, advertising, packaging, publication layout, invitations, event graphics.

Cristina has a strong passion for creativity and drive to create innovative, effective designs. She finds joy in working with inspired individuals that allow her to take their inspiration and translate it into great designs. She specializes in print design and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from New York’s Cazenovia College.

Kelsie Montgomery

Unbreakable Album Cover Artist

A Keller, TX transplant, Kelsie Montgomery is the Creative Director at Sweet Fish Media. As a multi-discipline creative, she accepts limited commissions in illustration, oil, watercolor, and acrylic painting. Over the past five years, Kelsie has found a passion for supporting and mentoring survivors of sex trafficking, working with numerous safe houses and rehabilitation programs across the country. 

Kelsie replenishes her creativity through mountain biking, hanging out with her husband Austin, sipping on Heart coffee, cozying up to campfires, and listening to the same bands your parents probably do.

Charli Sharp

Media Relations

For the past eight years, Charli has spearheaded brand communications efforts for global brands across myriad industries while working in-house and at one of the largest mid-size agencies based in Los Angeles. Her primary responsibilities have included strategic planning, media choreography and creative ideation. Ultimately, Charli ignites conversations, whether by developing influencer programs, through large-scale brand activations, negotiating strategic partnerships, thought leadership campaigns, and more.

Tony Duran


Tony’s creative endeavors have defined personalities, catapulted careers, and elevated brands across the world. As an artist, designer, director, and writer, he has amassed a prolific body of work. Regardless of subject matter, it all retains a very distinct Duran style that is both timeless and intriguing. One can’t help but take pause, take note, and see the beauty in the world differently.

Tony Duran was born in the small town of Winona, Minnesota. He lived and worked freelance all over the world and now lives in Los Angeles, where he can be found renovating or designing homes. He enjoys the oh too occasional can of cold SpaghettiOs, watches way too many national geographic shows, and is in constant search of creativity and inspiration.

Marjorie Williams

Advisor, Unbreakable

Marjorie was born and raised in Los Angeles and has been in service to the greater good her entire life. As a Major in the U.S. Air Force Reserves and an accomplished attorney, Marjorie has brought clarity to high stakes negotiations with great success. She received her B.A. from Howard University, her M.B.A. from the University of Michigan, her J.D. from Loyola Law school, Loyola Marymount University, and holds an M.A. in International Relations from the University of Oklahoma. Marjorie has a penchant for adventure and loves traveling the world with friends. 

J.D. Irpino

Advisor, Unbreakable

As the youngest of four boys from Chicago, Illinois, J.D. found spirituality at an early age and has been living in love his entire life. A writer and real estate developer, J.D. applies his exceptional creativity in making every house he builds, a home. His short stories have been published nationwide, focusing on the purpose of a life well lived through the lens of a young man in New York City. When not standing on a construction site in L.A. or curled up with a laptop at a coffee shop, J.D. can be found with his brothers in Chicago.