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Our Story

A break-up challenges our understanding of safety, worthiness, and love. During my divorce, my entire life as I knew it, crumbled. To survive, I searched for a community and results-driven practice to support me during the storm; I couldn’t find it. The shame was massive, but I figured there must be some trusted underground break-up support group I could locate, especially in LA (nope).

So, I began, one by one, going to healers in an attempt to release the trauma of my divorce. In the coming years, I saw dozens of alternative practitioners and developed a healing method that worked for me. Friends saw me getting better, healthier, lighter, and began asking for guidance on how to heal their broken hearts. I started dropping healing kits off at friends’ homes with candles, journals, meditations, books, and, turns out, my practices worked for them too, and here we are.

I created Unbreakable with the three steps I used to heal myself: accept, create, love. In each practice, you will find custom pieces developed distinctly for your Unbreakable journey: guided journals, meditations, hand-poured candles, and other exercises that support bringing you into the present moment. I’m grateful to our partners at Inner Compass Cards for being a part of Unbreakable as I use their cards daily and also to Maison Louis Marie, which became the actual scent of my new life, and now they are included here to be a part of yours.

Taking the time to get to know yourself during a break-up is one of the ultimate gifts of the break-up. To truly be present, to look inside yourself, and accept that you are right where you are meant to be is a beautiful beginning. Know that you are worthy of creating a new life, and finding all the love you desired from someone else within you.

Promise. xx


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