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Unbreakable Healing Kit

1 Box | 3 Practices | 22 Handcrafted pieces

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Benefits of the Healing Kit







The Power of 3 Practices

We have handcrafted three intentional practices to support countless men and women on their healing journey post-break-up. Even one action daily from the healing kit will allow you to feel better, more connected to yourself, and able to move forward from this break-up with love, for you.

ACCEPT Practice One

This step sets the foundation for your Unbreakable journey, guiding you toward accepting and letting go of your previous relationship while finding gratitude and joy in the purposeful present. As you begin, you will release the pain and shame of your break-up while cultivating the courage to look forward with forgiveness, compassion, and love for yourself.

CREATE Practice Two

This step encourages you to feel worthy of designing a new and beautiful life. Creating within this Unbreakable practice starts with understanding relationship patterns, developing new and healthy routines while tapping into your authentic self. This practice is playful and provides tools for infinite possibilities to craft your life and trust in Divine timing.

LOVE Practice Three

This final step allows you to embrace love within yourself so that living with love becomes your natural state of being. In this practice, our tools will enable you to feel nourished and whole without requiring validation from others. Choosing to live in love aligns us with our most authentic self, our most purposeful path. You will truly feel love and live love.

What’s in the Kit

The Healing Kit includes over 20 premium pieces handcrafted in Malibu, California

Guided Journals (3)

Guided Journals (3)

Our journals have close to 100 pages of prompted guidance to support you through each step Accept, Create, Love, written by our founder Bonnie Lenore.

Printed in Portland, Oregon, by Scout Books, each journal is offset printed using vegetable-based inks and 100% recycled papers sourced from American mills.

Morning After Affirmations Book

Morning After Affirmations Book

Written by Northern Ireland singer/songwriter Stephen Macartney, this jewel box hardcover book is a collection of affirmations to support continued alignment on your journey.

Healing Meditations (3)

Healing Meditations (3)

Our unique meditations are composed and performed by Leo Z and Energetic Healer, Valerie Mya leads the healings. Over 30 minutes of music was created around Valerie’s voice to provide connected energy in each of the meditations.

The vinyl is printed in Nashville, TN, at United Record Pressing.

Hand Poured Candles (3)

Hand Poured Candles (3)

Our candles are made in Montana by Amy Glassman using American grown soy wax. The candles are made in small batches, and each is hand-poured, one at a time, to ensure quality. There are no soy blends, additives, or dye in the candles. Use the candles to set intentions for each step of your Unbreakable practice.

Inner Compass Cards

Inner Compass Cards

Created by Neel Van Lierop in Amsterdam, Netherlands, The Inner Compass deck consists of 49 carefully and intuitively curated cards with an accompanying guide book to navigate your journey of self-discovery.

Inner Compass cards is an easy-to-use, highly effective tool for self-reflection and personal growth with playful and whimsical undertones.

Collage Kit

Collage Kit

Cody Bond created the 48 print collage kit in Cardiff, UK. Each image is carefully curated and edited by Cody. Using a selection of her own photos, drawings, vintage prints, and more, this vibrant selection of cards can be used to create a vision board or send a postcard of gratitude to a loved one supporting you during your break-up.

Maison Louis Marie Discovery Set

Maison Louis Marie Discovery Set

The Maison Louis Marie Eau de Parfum is curelty free, gluten free, vegan, paraben free and sulfate free. The discovery set includes their 4 best seller fragrances:

No.02 Le Long Fond - Eau de parfum
No.04 Bois de Balincourt - Eau de parfum
No.09 Vallée de Farney - Eau de parfum
Antidris Cassis - Eau de parfum

Pencils (3)

Pencils (3)

Our pencils are made by Musgrave Pencil Company, a family-owned, 100-year-old pencil factory located in Shelbyville, Tennesse. The three pencils have custom affirmations for each step of your unbreakable practice: I AM SAFE, I AM WORTHY, I AM LOVE

Pencil Sharpener and Case

Pencil Sharpener and Case

Made by Lead or Dead out of Manchester, England, the case is handmade Natural Vegetable Tan Leather to hold the M + R travel sharpener.

Unbreakable Box & Custom Linen Bags

Unbreakable Box & Custom Linen Bags

Our signature box can be used as a sacred space to hold pieces created on your path. Each kit also has an Angelic Intention Card by Therese Sanderson to carry with you for healing and love. Finally, each of our practices come in custom linen bags that can be reused for just about anything during your travels. Imagine where you will go next, life is going to be brilliant if you let it! Promise. xx


How long does it take to heal with the kit?

We have deliberately created this practice so that you can go at your own pace without the pressure of hitting human-made milestones. That said, with just 15 minutes a day, you will feel better, and many have a noticeable shift in 4 weeks.

Where do you currently ship?

We offer complimentary shipping in the US via UPS. If you are outside of the US and are interested in Unbreakable, please give us a shout at hello@unbreakablehealing.com

Do I have to purchase the entire kit?

We have two options for relationship recovery healing. Our cleansing kit has foundational practices that will support your growth beyond this break-up. Additionally, our healing kit has extra dynamic activities to support your journey.

Can I make installment payments?

Yes! We have partnered with Klarna to make smaller payments over time convenient for you.

What if I don’t have a record player?

No problem! You will also receive the healing meditations via a digital download link to carry with you wherever you go!

How do I give the kit as a gift?

Simply select "gift" in the check-out, and we will include a handwritten gift note in the box when shipped!

What is your return policy?

Due to the handcrafted quality of each healing kit, we are unable to accept returns.

What is 1% For the Planet?

We have committed to donating 1% of our gross sales in support of our most natural healing agent, nature, through 1% for the Planet.